Stevie G, the nut behind the wheel. Master Fabricator, Engine Assembler, Tuner. As you can imagine there are not a lot of off the shelf parts for a 1973 Celica. Steve has no problem fabricating whatever he needs. When he’s not pulling wrenches he’s troubleshooting IBM business systems.

Amanda, Team Crew Chief. If Amanda had never met Steve, I’m not sure you would have ever seen her at a race track. However being Steve’s fiance shes all in, #becauseracecar. On race day you will see her on the starting line filming the car launch, or making sure Steve stays in line.

Zongo, Steve’s 1973 Celica. The first performance version of this car was powered by a twin turboed aluminum Toyota v8. The current version is an aluminum LS 427 with precision turbo.